PRIMUS - The Official Site - As the link says . . . . (includes some adult oriented material, of course!)

Updated Biography

Primus started out as an underground cult phenomenon in and around the San Francisco bay area until their popularity grew to the point they became certified gold album sellers (with their 1991 album Sailing the Seas of Cheese).

Fronted by the inimitable Les Claypool, considered one of the most versatile and unique bass players alive, Primus offers up a zany and eclectic style of music all their own, throwing in a healthy amount of the bizarre for good measure.  The band headlined at Lallapalooza in 1993.

As interesting as the musicians themselves are the wide range of producers who worked on the different tracks of their 1999 album Antipop, including Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Tom Waits, South Park creator Matt Stone, and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland).  Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin also performed on this album.  They current album is entitled "Green Naugahyde."

Never taking themselves too seriously, Primus basically says of themselves "Primus sucks!"