Evan Richards and Christopher Kennedy
Take You On A Most Excellent Adventure!

Meet the cool dudes who play "Bill" and "Ted" in the new TV show Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures!

When the producers of Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventures were searching for two actors to portray "Bill S. Preston" and "Ted ĎTheodoreí Logan", it was important that the guys not only look like Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves (the actors who starred in the two movies which the show is based on), but that they could easily talk the "Bill and Ted language" (you know, phrases like "awesome," "bogus," and, of course, "most excellent")!

A Perfect Match!

Well, fortunately, this requirement was easily satisfied when they met Evan Richards (who plays "Bill") and Christopher Kennedy (who stars as "Ted"). You see, prior to landing their roles, both Evan and Christopher supplied the voices to these same characters in last yearís animated version of Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventures!

"Yeah, this is all pretty ironic," admits brown-eyed Evan.  "I originally auditioned for the role of ĎBillí in the 1989 movie Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure.  But I had really bad allergies that day so my eyes were all puffy and I was sneezing in between lines.  It was pretty funny saying, "Wow! Most excellent ahh-choo dude!"

"Obviously, I didnít get the part.  But, as fate would have it, I got to do ĎBillísí voice on the cartoon, and now Iím ĎBillí on the TV show!" he proudly exclaims.

Evanís list of acting credits extend beyond supplying the voice of "Bill."  When he was a baby, he appeared in a Pampers diaper commercial, and since the age of five he has starred in plays, television series and movies.  "I love have a job where I can reach a wide audience," reveals the talented 22-year-old.

Like Evan, brown-haired Christopher has always had a special place in his heart for acting!  Even though he was a champion high jumper when he was growing up in Toronto, Canada, Chris knew that his future lay in front of the camera rather than on a track field.

So, instead of pursuing an athletic career, this ambitious young guy moved to New York where he studied his craft at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

"Chris is a nice guy and he is a great ĎTedí!" pronounces Evan.  "You know, our personalities are the opposite in real life, but once we get in our roles then we become sort of like one person."